• Overcome anxieties and your fear of failing

  • Learn easy and effective ways to ask for money

  • Generate significant new funds for your non-profit

  • Bridge the gap between your fear of asking and people’s natural desire to give

What a fantastic collection of advice from seasoned fundraising professionals. Kudos to Martin Leifeld for assembling this wealth of information in one book. It is invaluable!
— Birgit Smith Burton, Executive Director of Foundation Relations, Georgia Institute of Technology


Fundraising isn’t easy. It’s hard. Especially when you want to ask prospective donors for large gifts. The uncertainty of how they will react is a challenge, which can make you nervous – if not outright uncomfortable. The good news is this: Giving makes people feel fantastic inside. In fact, most people want to support organizations, programs, and causes that are important to them.

In Five Minutes for Fundraising, Martin reveals the “secrets,” insights, and wisdom that have helped Martin raise over $500 million dollars for organizations he’s served over the last 24 years. You’ll also gain further expertise through examples and stories shared by 26 of today’s most respected fundraising authorities.

Learn the tools, capture the mindset, and gain organizational know-how to become an exceptional professional. Donors deserve to be approached and engaged in a thoughtful, professional manner. Martin teaches readers how to walk away from each donor interaction knowing that it was positive and meaningful – which is especially important when your goal is to procure a significant gift.

Five Minutes For Fundraising includes insight from interviews with 26 highly-successful fundraising professionals. Through Martin’s career and the culmination of these conversations you’ll learn skills and talents that empower you to … Ask for major gifts with ease and confidence Understand how to cultivate key donor relationships Assess and optimize your organization’s fundraising abilities Develop attitudes and practices that align with the most persuasive fundraisers

Gain a philosophical framework from which successful fundraisers operate. Build a fundraising framework that focuses on relationship building – as opposed to transactional fundraising.

Tap into every person’s desire to give - people of every background and income level feel pride and satisfaction when they’re able to give to people and causes that touch them in a meaningful way. In fact, the ability to give back is for what many wealthy, influential people are most grateful. Your commitment to taking your fundraising skills to a higher level will impact more lives than you’ll know, and help you leave a lasting legacy that will always be appreciated – and never forgotten!


Express Scripts and UMSL intersect as the chief fundraiser for UMSL. Given Martin’s proven know-how, this book is a must-read for volunteer fundraisers like myself, professional fundraisers, or someone thinking about volunteering or working for a nonfprofit.”
— George Paz, philanthropist, Chairman of the Board, Express Scripts
… a gem of a book to guide and inspire fundraisers, volunteers, and donors. In Five Minutes for Fundraising, Martin has gathered a group of impressive professionals, coaxed them to share their stories, interwoven their nuggets with sound advice, and presented it all in easily digestible segments. Use this as you would a daily devotional. It’s that good!
— Carolyn Grady, Chief Development Officer, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh
Fundraisers see stories by donors about their interests (often unexpressed until brought forth) as the catalyst for philanthropic engagement. The stories as told here by Leifeld and friends will prompt informed and inspired leadership for even greater ‘voluntary action for the public good.
— Fred A. Bleeke, Past President, Lutheran Foundation of Saint Louis
Martin lives what he teaches. While he is an effective and knowledgeable fundraiser, Martin always puts my interests as a donor and alumnus first and foremost in his interactions with me. He guided me to make a significant philanthropic investment and, in so doing, helped to make the experience a meaningful, memorable one for me.
— Wayne DeVeydt, philanthropist and CEO, Surgery Partners, Inc.
Martin Leifeld is not only a masterful fundraiser but also a positive motivator and mentor for other fundraisers. In this book, he shares his many ‘secrets of success,’ including the strong passion he brings to his work, his respect for donors, and his acknowledgment that meaningful and successful fundraising is hard work. In Five Minutes for Fundraising, he shares lessons and insights that are certain to enhance the efforts of anyone who seeks to make a difference in this field.
— Brenda McPhail, retired Associate Vice Chancellor of University Development, University of Missouri–St. Louis
Martin has inspired and mentored so many fundraisers throughout his career. This book captures his experiences, shares his knowledge, and offers insights to help current and future fundraisers achieve success.
— Matthew T. White, Vice President, Advancement, and President, Utah State University Foundation