You’ve reached the height of your career and you’re wondering what’s next?

Or, maybe you don’t take the time to explore, dig deep, and ask yourself the insightful questions that will guide your next steps? Perhaps you’re looking to improve your time management skills to maximize your productivity?

Recognizing that there’s still room to grow professionally and personally is the first step to achieving more. The most successful people continually take action to improve themselves and those around them.

No one is exempt from the need for self discovery and personal growth. Martin has developed a proven coaching style that helps busy executive-level professionals meet demanding deadlines while planning for their future.


  • Are coaching sessions usually conducted on the phone or in person?

    • Coaching sessions are preferably conducted in-person or through video chat sessions.

  • How much do professional and personal development sessions with Martin typically cost?

    • To best answer your question about cost, please contact Martin for a complimentary consultation.

  • How long will my executive coaching sessions last?

    • Because no two executives share the same goals, sessions will vary. Martin will develop a course of action and timeline that works with your schedule - while holding you to a commitment to focus on yourself!